Web Design
Video Presentations About Our Services
We are a UI/Web Designers with Programming Skills. This is our portfolio of designs in video presentation. Enjoy! For more information about us, please visit us at
Save On Islands
This is a membership type website that has subscriptions.
Brochure Design for FAPA
The design is used to give it to the passengers on their airplanes.
Flight Attendant Pre Academy
This is a mixed type of project that blog, ecommerce and email marketing was included on this project. I did all this type of jobs myself without any problems and I was able to complete it by myself again.
Clear Link Media
My client wanted a modernized web design for their new website. So I designed this and converted it also into a wordpress. The website is also mobile friendly.
Seven Seas
A web development company called SEIRIM hired me to create this big project. My role here is a project manager, and at the same time, a programmer and designer for this project. I'm the head of the team here building this website. So I designed this and converted it into a WordPress website with some help from the other team members as they help me build the other pages But most of the work are done by me.
Doppio Group
Created a web design for the startup company.
Daily Realestate Deals
This logo was created by one of my team. So my client wanted a modernized logo for their business daily real estate deals.
Logo designed for a startup company.
PGR Autodesign Ltd.
I have developed and designed this website myself.
Website developed in wordpress for selling hair products.
Website developed for selling tshirts and other products.
Back And Posture Clinic
I designed and developed this website in wordpress.